our fishing boat puhić

At our konoba Bain, we take pride in serving the freshest and highest quality fish possible. To achieve this, we go out to the sea every day on our small boat called Puhić to catch the fish ourselves. Our experienced fisherman knows the best fishing spots, and they use traditional techniques to catch the fish with minimal harm to the environment.

By fishing with Puhić, we are able to bring in a variety of fish that are not typically found in local markets, such as sea bass, grouper, and snapper, and most popular sea hake. Once we return to shore, our expert chefs prepare the fish with care, using simple and traditional techniques that highlight the natural flavors of the fish.

By fishing on a daily basis, we are able to ensure that our guests at Bain receive the freshest fish possible, making for a truly exceptional dining experience. So come and join us at Bain, where you can taste the difference that our commitment to quality makes in every dish we serve.


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